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The new narrative in the digital age. Origin, evolution and contributions to the new media.


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Raquel Victoria Benitez Rojas (Canada)
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) 5731
Award- winning Media and TV Executive with large experience in children and family entertainment. Bachelor & Masters Degree Cinematography, Broadcasting and Communication at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Doctorate candidate in Cinematography, Broadcasting and Communication, Master in English & Broadcasting at University of South Florida, various audiovisual diplomas from prestigious institutions and a Master in Business Administration at Universitat de Barcelona, Certificate in Entertainment Law by Ossgoode Law Hall at York University. Ms. Benitez has worked in a variety of academic and professional positions in the United States, Asia, Canada and Europe. Her strengths lie in her ability to conceive, create and develop audiovisual properties, preparing them for the international market. Expertise in business management, a global vision and a comprehensive knowledge of a specialized industry enable Ms. Benítez to research viable properties and rights options. Member of the Canadian Picture Pioneers,WAWA, SGAE, ASIFA , EGEDA, among others international audiovisual organizations. Curiculum developer, guest speaker and instructor in the most prestigious international Universities and schools such as Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), LSU (USA), University of Teesside (UK), Universitat Illes Balears(Spain), Universidad de Las Palmas (Spain), Centennial College (Canada), Kennedy College of Technology (Canada), Digital Media Arts School (Canada), Boss program (Jamaica), Krea8tif( Malaysia), Programa de Aceleracion Naranja (Costa Rica), Toronto Film School (Canada) She has written software programs and books that are now considered to be the industry standard, and received accolades for many of her creations. Producer, Executive Producer, Director and Creator of well known international TV shows and feature films. Raquel works as Producer/Executive Producer of Comet Entertainment Inc.
Scientific production

GKA VISUAL 2021:     7th International Conference on Visual Culture

Digital technology Technical progress Media development Mass media Historical analysis.


Humans are social being that needs to communicate, but with the advent of digital communication technologies, new elements must be integrated into our narrative environment. Has there been progress in the narrative field with human evolution? How does the new technological media affect the way we communicate? Following a historical progression and based on scientific advances, we will propose a classification and characterization of the narrative event, with an emphasis on the digital age.