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Children as products of consume in the apparent homemade videos of children’s entertainment on YouTube


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Alberto Montero Gómez (Spain) 6895
Scientific production

COMRED_2020:     I Congreso Internacional Comunicación y Redes Sociales en la Sociedad de la Información

Consumer habits YouTube children’s learning advertising digital humanities.


In this modern age, technology is certainly inseparable from the knowledge acquisition changing human behavior patterns. Some YouTube channels are used to promote toys and make a profit from advertising while maintaining an innocent appearance of amateur entertainment channels. This practice carried out mostly by parents and enterprises uses children as a visual attraction for profit and income on YouTube. This article aims to create a model of content analysis to determine the hidden advertising aspects found in popular homemade videos for kids and their possible impacts in the childhood. Bearing in mind that nowadays children are learning watching and producing YouTube videos it is important to study the advantages and disadvantages of these promotional intentions. YouTube is a platform that allows users to upload, watch and share videos sometimes for profit that may result in purely commercial values. This research carries out the study of 10 popular videos of children’s content in order to show hidden advertising intentions in apparently homemade videos. The results show the implications and consequences of these practices from early childhood education. It can be concluded that YouTube commercial values in childhood can be dangerous because they create some dependencies that must be maintained in the future.