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Education professionals’ knowledge and needs regarding bullying


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Amaia Lojo Novo 250
Scientific production

GKA EDU 2020:     9th International Conference on Education and Learning

Educación continua formación profesional


The purpose of this study was to analyze teachers' and other education professionals' needs and knowledge when dealing with bullying situations. Data collection was carried out in two different sessions of a bullying prevention one-day symposium at a four-year state university. The participants were 53 educational professionals from several elementary and middle schools. Qualitative analysis of session artifacts revealed that participants had a basic understanding of bullying; however, they doubt its definition and how to identify when it occurs. Participants in the case study were interested in being change agents when it comes to addressing bullying problems. However, they lacked self-confidence and access to appropriate resources to overcome their fears and lack of self- efficacy for proper intervention.