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The Mind Upload Myth: The Reality of the Artificial Extended Mind


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Paulo Alexandre e Castro (Portugal) 7590
Scientific production

GKA TECHNO 2022:     11th International Conference of Technology, Science and Society

Artificial Extended Mind theory Neurocrime Mind Uploading Artificial Mind Extended Mind


In this essay we revisit some of the literature produced on mind loading and extended theory of mind. In the next section, we approach a new type of cybercrime, namely neurocrime (the first news and formulations about this type of crime began to appear at the beginning of this century), and from its definition and scope, we seek to understand how to frame a theory of the brain-mind relationship. Finally, we outline a new configuration of the theory of the extended mind, which, according to the premises raised by the previous reflections, will allow, on one hand, to dictate the end of the myth of mind uploading and on the other hand, allowing to show that an extended mind is also an artificialized mind that we called the Artificial Extended Mind theory (AEM). This certainly will allow to open doors to future reflections on the integration of artificial intelligence in an increasingly artificial human reality