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‘Project code-named Humpty’: Gesture and the Performative Body


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Kate Johnson 2149
Scientific production

GKA VISUAL 2020:     6th International Conference on Visual Culture

imagen gesto expresión pensamiento comportamiento


This presentation reveals how gesture and process are inextricably entwined in an ongoing narrative art piece entitled ‘Project code-named Humpty’ [P c-n H].  Conceived by Johnson in 2014 and commencing the same year, P c-n H’s ‘performance’ centres on the free-sculpt of a 2.7 m high classically inspired sculpture in clay, its replication in a specially designed piece-mould and self-supporting marble based mortar, its ceremonial fragmentation over a quarry cliff and its subsequent virtual and eventual physical reconstruction by archaeologists. Showcasing process visualisations, Johnson explains the use of gesture giving an insight into how historical, cultural, material and environmental considerations inform and affect gestural development in a piece with image transformation and the gradual involvement of many individuals.https://www.bradford.ac.uk/project-code-named-humpty/