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Teacher identity, an ongoing process engaged in by teachers through their professional experiences and beliefs, is a phenomenon of interest to researchers and practitioners in a variety of disciplines. Current knowledge about teacher identity continues to rely on data gathered from teachers in primary and secondary education. Compared to observed increase in the studies concerning identity of teaching staff in higher education, studies with early childhood education (ECE) teachers are still scarce. This is even more so when we consider teacher candidates. Another limitation of studies on teacher identity is related to socio-cultural contexts where majority of the studies are conducted. Although much of the research on teacher identity were carried out with teachers in industrialized Western countries, it is important to study the same phenomenon in developing countries, which constitute the majority of the world countries. Clearly, there is a need to ensure that theoretical and empirical knowledge about teacher identity accurately reflects the diverse experiences of teachers working in various cultural and educational contexts. As a step toward this goal, we obtained data reflecting the views and experiences of pre-service ECE teachers from a different cultural perspective. To build on previous studies, we sought to explore the following research question: What are the best predictors of teacher identity of pre-service teachers, a unique period of time in professional life of teachers, when identity development is still at its peak. Data for the study came from 240 teacher candidates in an ECE program in a southern metropolitan area in Turkey. Participants reported on their teacher identity, professional satisfaction, relationship with friends, perceived efficacy, and practices of faculty members. Preliminary findings provide fresh insight about the extent to which established conceptualizations and predictors of teacher identity development reflect the experiences of pre-service ECE teacher in a Turkish context.

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Şule Sarıbaş (Turkey) 10612
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Özkan Özgün (Turkey) 10616
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