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The increasing development of infrastructure for the past few years in Indonesia have increased a significant amount of demands of cement in the market. That  raising market demand has pushed cement companies to provide cements to support the infrastructure development in Indonesia. However, with the also increasing number of construction of cement factories has created new problems for communities living in karst mountains, where the main resources for cement-making are located. One of those areas is Rembang Regency, where the community resisted the construction of PT Semen Indonesia cement factory in Kendeng Mountains. That resistance is based on the location where the factory is going to be constructed, which is upon a doline area that contains hundreds of clean water sources that is vital to the lives of communities living in Rembang. The resistance is affiliated in a network named Jaringan Masyarakat Peduli Pegunungan Kendeng (JMPPK) or Community for Kendeng Mountains Network. This network organized several resistance actions, such as road blockades, attracting audience with film screenings and music concerts, legal advocation, and a threatrical act which involves the cementing of feet of several volunteers from the Kendeng farmers society and the JMPPK. All of those resistance action are done to refuse the construction of PT Semen Indonesia cement factory because it is believed to bring negative impacts to the community.

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Lailuddin Somantri (Indonesia) 13898
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Yolla Akhyarizal (Indonesia) 13970
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Bagus Satriaji (Indonesia) 13990
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