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This article aims to present and investigate the main gestural artistic references used by users in digital technology interfaces. As a methodology in our research, we analyzed the first appearances of user-guided interfaces and their user's gestural relations for accessing a certain function in a digital system. Therefore, we identified these certain gestures in interfaces, categorizing by types of gestures and their specific functions, dividing into three case studies: use of physical artifact, such as mouse and keyboard; interface determined by touchscreen; and gestural user interaction without direct contact with any surface. For our research, we identified this user-guided gesture as an objective for a given task, in parallel to a gesture used as an expression in performances in contemporary art. Each object of study in question was investigated with the intention of bringing together the two aspects in question, design and the arts, in a common subject, the use of gesture as expression, communication and participation. We believe that based on our research and final considerations, we propose for future research, the possibility of finding interface projects guided by gestural interaction, and thus make a more integrated and efficient system for human physical actions. Therefore, we can find more and more present, performances in contemporary arts through gesture and then, possibly, contribute to the transdisciplinary research between art and design.

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Gabriel Patrocinio (Portugal)
Universidade de Évora (Portugal) 3220
Scientific production

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