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In order to investigate which psychological characteristics hinder academic success of students of landscape architecture, a battery of psychological tests was used. The battery was composed of five dimensions: academic skills, adjustment to social norms, incompatibility with the social norms, psychologycal aspects constrainers and psychologycal aspects promoters . Psychological tests were administered to 80 freshman students in the career of landscape architecture at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. It was found that students posses good academic skills as abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning, use of language and reading comprehension. However the students obtained low scores in five psychological aspects that significantly influence on scholar achievement: the fear of failure, tendency to default, personal insecurity, social inconformity and avoidance of challenging work. These characteristics influence mainly on the subjects of architectural theory and design. The impact of the psychological aspects of students over the architectural teaching, is discussed.

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Eric Orlando Jimenez Rosas (Mexico) 14039
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Eva Paola Arenas Loera (Mexico) 14346
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