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Which city is made visible to those who use public versus private means of transportation? This question triggered this study to investigate two travel routes in the mega urban city of Cairo starting from the same point of departure and towards the same destination. Through comic style photo editing, this article aims to generate discussion about which cities are made visible for whom, which frames the main question of this research. The study follows a qualitative approach, combining critical visual methodologies with ethnographic methods. It is aimed to explore future projections of and in present cities as an attempt to discover future cities. It was found that two cities exist in one place: the Grounded City of the general public who use public transportation, and the Mediatized City of the elite who use private means of transportation. This paper demonstrates how cities are organized to include/exclude travelers through the use of media and visualizations based on their means of travel, encompassing both affordability and economic class.

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Mennatullah Hendawy (Egypt) 8272
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