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The House of Representatives of the Philippines, through the Legislative Library, Archives, and Museum staged the exhibit “HREP @ 112 : History of the House of the People in Sights and Sounds.” This sought to display the historical value of the House of Representatives in the Philippines in its 112 years of existence by highlighting the institution’s milestones, its notable speakers, and dignified members. The exhibit revolved around the theme “House of Representatives as the House of the People.” It aimed to show how democracy serves as its guiding priciple in fulfilling its mandate to the Philippine nation. With the use of traditional display panels, video projection, and web design, they envisioned to showcase the House of Representatives archival materials, artifacts, and memorabilia, into a sensory interactive experience. In this presentation, I aim to showcase the process of constructing the exhibit, selection of the materials, and challenges in curation. Alongside this, I aim to discuss the issues and challenges that emerged along the way. This also takes into account the solutions in the process and feedback towards the output, and to come up with recommendations that can guide the institution in creating exhibits later on.   Lastly, this presentation aims to provide a critique of how the exhibit through its goals, themes, and agenda, is situated against the public image of the House of Representatives as a corrupt, self-serving institution.

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Jerome Trinidad (Philippines) 8138
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