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Throughout history, language is used as the medium of cultural invasion; and English language immensely played a crucial role to influence the cultural life of India. Before British arrive to the shore of India, there are many ambitious imperialists have invaded this land, and tried their best to influence through their culture. They have mostly settled and accepted the Indian way of life with bit of their own habits and customs from their own nations of origin. But the British occupation of India is the most prolific in terms of its influence on the culture of this subcontinent. Inspite of being one of the most diverse cultures, India is bound by a common thread as one civilisation, perhaps because of its religious liberalism and cultural acceptability as well as the shared history of struggle. But the influence of English on Indian manners and methods, language and logic, religion and rituals, customs and costumes, taste and touch, norms and virtues, morality and propriety, behaviour and belief are predominantly perceptible in the Indian society. Since the age of British colonialism, the English language has voyaged through many nations throughout the planet, appropriating innumerable linguistic and cultural characteristics along the way. But the presence of British people in India that provided the English lexicon a remarkable stimulus as colonial travellers witnessed new civilisations and cultural conventions that were simply unheard of in Britain at the time. Now it is evident that the advent of English language through education and mass media have significantly changed and altered and influenced the linguistic and cultural pattern of Indian life. Therefore, the study of the influence of English on Indian social behaviour and vice versa is more demanding today than ever before.

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