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Performative philosophy as I am doing it, is a research area of thinking-visuality-movement-artful creativity in which the research is carried through experiments and where questions and concepts are brought to life. It is research in the togetherness of the realm of thought and senses. It aims at making concepts visible, transforms concepts and images into movements and produces knowledge by means of experiments regarding the quest of the self.As a philosopher, the reason why I bring performance and philosophy together has always been in order to experiment how such togetherness opens new modes of doing philosphy. As I believe there might possbly be other ways of answering a philosophical question, my method of doing performative philosophy has always consisted of asking a philosophical question and trying to answer it by creating an atmosphere with the audience in a concrete milieu in which there is philosophical presentation, discussion and performance. I use performance only as a means for doing philosophy. In other words, a performance, on its own, regardless of its duration and the philosophical ideas it might involve, cannot be considered as philosophy. This implies in my point of view a difference of method used by performers/artists who use philosophical ideas for their work and philosophers who implement arts-based practices in their field in bringing performance and philosophy together. To explore what a philosopher does when s/he starts to stage philosophy based on such a difference of method will be the aim of my workshop. In order to further clarify and materialise this aim, I will use examples and experiments from the course I give in Anadolu University and the workshops I'm doing both in my country and abroad.

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Demet Kurtoğlu Taşdelen (Turkey) 7904
Scientific production

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