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This paper will investigate the possible role of architecture in absurd situations; focus on Hippocratic standards against women in local context. Before focusing on specific absurd situations, there will be a brief discussion on historical perspectives of absurdity and its various modes of expressions. In this quest, the philosophical work by Albert Camus, the surrealist artist Salvador Dali, work of Tom Ngo, Rachel Whitered, Douglas Darden and Literary work of Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Fall of The House of Usher’ and Franz Kafka’s ‘The Burrow’ are the few which will be the part of this debate. After gaining a thorough understanding of various perspectives of absurdity, to study the role of architectural space in between absurd practices and women, we will create three imaginative situations in local cultural context. This process will be based on three stages: The first stage is about to write spatial narratives based on selected absurd situations, where we try to develop the connection in between absurdity and the experiential space through exaggerating language. On second stage, these narratives will be translated into architectural drawings in abstract manner. These drawings would be in form of graphic novel carrying a series of three architectural drawings depicting each situation. By doing so we will establish the role of absurd behaviors in the perception of architectural space and how each character’s relation changes in regards to their physical “room”.

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Mogheesa Hasnain (Pakistan) 8293
Scientific production

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Junaid Alam Rana (Pakistan) 8137
Scientific production