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Orenburg Cossack Army was founded in the middle of the 18th century by the Government of Russia for the protection of southeastern borders of the Empire. The troop masseswas polyethnic because, on the one hand, Orenburg region was multinational, and on the other hand, the representatives of different nations formed the Army (the Russians, the Tatars, the Kalmyks, the Bashkirs, the Mordvins and others). The data given by Orenburg State Archive shows that by the year 1865 in Orenburg Cossack Army there were 87% of Russians, 4,7% of Tatars, 2,1% of Nagaibaks, 1,9% of Mordvins, 1,7% of Bashkirs, 1,3% of Kalmyks, 1,2% of Nogays, 0,2%of Chuvash, 0,04% of Poles and 0,02% of Buhars.  Orenburg Cossack Army was a phenomenon of polyethnic military-state formation. There were no conflicts on the ground of international relations in the whole history of its existence. Orenburg Cossack Army was polyconfessional. The second largest religious group is the Muslims (8 %). The Cossacks- Muslims held officer positions. During the 18-19 centuries the mosques were being built in the villages. The Muslim clergy were was the guardians of the religious traditions in the  Orenburg Cossack Army. Turks Cossack population served faithfully for the good of the  Russia. Tolerance Orenburg Cossacks and compact residence of the Cossacks-Muslims allowed them to maintain their own identity. The report is devoted to the main practice of everyday life of Orenburg Cossacks Muslims who made contribution to preserve their religious identity. The research is executed with the financial support of the of the Russian Science Foundation within the RSF research project «Imperial policy of acculturation and problem of colonialism», project No. 17-18-01008.

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Elena Godovova 1518
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