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The word of literature has different meanings in the West and the East. Especially in Eastern Literature, "edeb", the root of the word, also carries the responsibility of being an example in terms of morality and values ​​to its receivers.  From this perspective, the implicit messages in the background of the fictional texts, which are not written with the thesis or didactic point of view, allow the reader to confront the cultural structure reflected in the literary text and the historical and social structure in which the text belongs. The same cult reads through the works of different historical periods, initiates the cultural evolution of its society within a critical literacy process and directs itself to an activist or passive posture but a conscious posture. This presentation, will focus on the novel; Yenişehir'de Bir Öğle Vakti/ A Lunchtime Yenişehir by Sevgi Soysal, which reflects a period of Turkey through different social classes, ideologies and a wide range of cultural flair, reflects the changing values ​​of a country, focusing on the capital of the country. By presenting a perspective on being a citizen, this novel; Yenişehir’de Bir Öğle Vakti, invites the reader to inquire about "cultural memory", emphasizing the fact that urban culture reflected through the culture of food and drink is not allowed in today's Ankara. This can be explained by the detachment of the past, by the permanent traces of nomadic cultures, by the forms of life changed by the altering production-consumption relations, and by many other factors. In order to solve the deep structure of this work, it is necessary to explain the meaning of the social classes, constructions and the places in the novel which are the product of the figures, to be examined in the historical process and more importantly, in the Turkish culture after the 1960s. It is the formation of an authentic structure that reflects the cult of a country under the desire to be evaluated in an international congress. However, it is observed that today's young people read the universal works with great enthusiasm completely isolated from the cultural context. At the beginning of these works are the works of Albert Camus, Foreign and Franz Kafka's Transformation. In this context, to reflect the sense of value of youth, it is necessary to examine the deep structure of this work, in which two focal figures "away from the values" are involved and are surrounded by the values and ​​judgments of the society. Concrete examples of the interactions that students make with the work as readers from both a local and a universal viewpoint; The main conclusion to be reached through presentations, creative writings, thought writings, dramatization and re-editing studies is to show that qualified literary texts are very rich resources which supply the reader with both local and universal values.  

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IŞIL ÇIRAKOĞLU (Turkey) 13957
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