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While translating a literary text, one must keep in mind the metaphorical use of language that gives way to the creation of imagery in the minds of readers. Therefore, the translator has to draw his/her own path of transferring the images changing through every literary material. After the process of translation begins, the translator specifically refines the problems peculiar to each text and tries to solve them by reconstructing the text in the target language. In this paper, the main focus is on the ways of transferring the words which together bring about the vulgar imagery in Etgar Keret's short story titled 'One Gram Short.' In the first part of this paper, roots of vulgary images are analyzed and explained through their relations to Keret's contextual framework. In the second part, universe discourse of these images and the voice of narration are shown through the words and phrases used in the text. In the last part, the question of which alternative ways of transfer can be chosen for each element throughout the process is answered in detail. After all, it is tried to show in this paper that a translator, independent from his/her former perceptions he/she gained in the society, can create different images by taking into account different semiotical elements to uncover the shades of meaning in a text.

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Göksenin Abdal (Turkey) 13890
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