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The Gothic narrative operates in a myriad of ways to provoke a sense of fright in the readers. Through its various agents such as darkness, gloomy settings, villains, secrets, death and killing, the Gothic aims at generating a feeling of uneasiness in its recipients. One of the interesting Gothic manifestations in a work of literature is the notion of doubling. The double or the doppelganger, as a chief agent belonging to the Gothic, implies the existence of two characters which share the same features but have different attitudes. The paper will examine the characters of both Victor Frankenstein and his creature in Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. Victor has a doppelganger. he is doubled by his own creation. both characters were rejected by their parents, killed each other's spouse and endured their loss, both were vengeful, lived in an exile and met a tragic end.Interestingly,The paper will shed light on the various elements that alleviate fear in the narrative to prove that the Gothic is a unique genre able to have a strong effect in a different genre (science fiction).The study will highlight the similarities between Victor Frankenstein and his double and prove that not only Victor has a double but the creature as well is doubled respectively.

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Mouna Kohil (Algeria) 13893
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