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This paper attempts to dwell on the concepts of sex, sexuality, gender fluidity as well as gender performance in relation to queer theory through a detailed analysis of reality TV show RuPaul’s Drag race with the depiction of the socially unaccepted gender roles.  By questioning the boundaries of socially-shaped gender roles and transgressing them, Rupaul’s Drag race deconstructs and reconstructs the imposed roles and conceptions for both men and women by the dominant patriarchal appreciation. This reality TV show seeks an alternative to escape from the already-formulated gender roles and achieves to subvert them by highlighting the changeability and performativity of sexuality by exposing peculiar sexually-fluid characters like RuPaul, her/himself, Raven, Detox and Violet Chacki. By creating their own genders by extending the boundaries, all the characters in the show depict how gender performance is changeable depending on the blurring lines between constructed gender roles and what they aim is the gender fluidity through which they can express themselves without the forced restrictions. Thus, the main argument of this paper is to depict how this reality TV show destroys the traditional understanding of sex/gender and gender performance in connection with the body politics with references to Kate Millet’s Sexual Politics and Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble and also by underlying Michel Foucault’s panopticon.

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Duygu SERDAROĞLU (Turkey) 13900
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