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In contemporary simultaneity of growing global connections and cross-border issues, to conceive geopolitical borders as rationally organized discrete and fixed entities is no longer adequate – if it ever was. Moreover, while transnational relations have been celebrated in a world increasingly imagined as global, ‘stranger’ positon of migrant people remains meaningful that can be marked as timeless and placeless identities. Given this context, it is important to note that, belonging to a community through having right to equality is a primary feature of personhood on the one hand, and the primacy of the individual on the other. However, by the traditionally conceptualized nationalistic and increasingly populist political adherents, many of the migrant people are treated to develop an intermediate kind of identity – half refugee, half migrant that is stranded in perpetuity in anywhere of in-betweenness. In this light, I assert that the discourse of diversity as a legitimated project should be framed by the fertilisation of a perspective that combines recognition of the universal human rights.   By using qualitative research methods based on the analysis of the stories of the participants of a focus group sample, this study aims to demonstrate how immigrant - Syrian people in global city Istanbul narrate their own needs and encounters in their everyday lifes at a migrated country. Furthermore, the reading of focus group narratives aims to generate further questions about how to reconcile diversity with a set of shared values by recognizing the right to be equal but at the same time different. Last but not least, the findings of this study also aims to question the dominant visual representations of migration and indicate what directions could be taken in mapping the mobility of people and their dispersed and dynamic conditions carried around over the places of the transnational connections.

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Merve Aygun 2748
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