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This paper is about Udasis of Sindh who are confused with Sikhs and Hindus. In this paper I will discuss the religious identity of Udasis. In Sikh history, the term Udasi firstly refers to the travels or missionary tours of Guru Nanak (1469-1539) and secondly, it signifies an Order of ascetics founded by Baba Sri Chand (1494-1643), the elder son of Guru Nanak. Originally, it is derived from the Sanskrit word Udas or Udasin, i.e., one, who is indifferent to or disregardful of worldly attachments, or is stoic or a mendicant. Udasi, literally means sorrow, sadness, disappointed ones, dejected, withdrawn from worldly concerns. In modern Sikh usage, the term designates an Order of ascetics who revere the Guru Granth Sahib and claim Sri Chand as their founder. The followers of Sri Chand gradually came to be known as the Udasis. Therefore, this paper will deal with Udasis of Sindh. In order to comprehend Udasis and their worship places, it is indispensable first to understand Hindu religion in Sindh because Udasis are always confused with Hindu Sadhus. While discussing Udasis, I will also describe Khalsa Sikh and how they are different from Udasi Sikh.  In the conclusion, the distinctive features of Udasi worship places will also be discussed.  

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ZUlfiqar Kalhoro (Pakistan) 10536
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