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New Zealand’s relatively open immigration policy and its commitment to refugee resettlement has led to rich population diversity (Immigration New Zealand, 2013; Royal Society of New Zealand, 2013; Statistics New Zealand, 2014). While successful integration is linked to the discourse of employment Previous studies (Spoonley & Bedford, 2008; Spoonley, Pearson, & Macpherson, 2004), hardly any studies in the New Zealand context recognise issues of identity as having significant impact upon settlement. Little is known about the choices migrants make in relation to business in order to become successful in their new home country, attain a sense of belonging, and how people adapt to new conditions and environments. Methodologically, this study is grounded in multimodal (inter)action analysis (Norris, 2004, 2007, 2011) and takes on the concept of frozen actions to study objects (Norris, 2004, 2011, Norris & Makboon, 2015). Objects, as Norris (2004, 2011) and Norris and Makboon (2015) argue, embed actions that are not immediately observable but are just as identity telling as other actions that social actors perform. This paper sets out to explore how migrant identity is communicated and produced in workplaces through objects, and what elements of migrant identity are linked to positive settlement experiences. In this study, I examine promotional materials, company logos, whiteboards, office décor, stationery and other pieces, analyse actions that these objects entail, as well as broader meanings these actions signify. The data for this paper, collected in October 2016, include still images and a semi-structured interview with one Russian entrepreneur, whose business is based in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand.

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