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This article analyses the conditional earnings distribution for Cuban immigrants in the USAconsidering Buchinsky sample selection in a quantile regression model. The test proposed byHuber and Melly to test the independence between error terms and regressors (conditional onthe selection probability) is also considered. This is the first attempt in the migration literature touse quantile regression with sample selection. The data used come from the US AmericanCommunity Survey. The results show that the hypothesis of conditional independence is notrejected, and increments in earnings associated with the usual socioeconomic characteristics inlabour studies vary between the cohorts considered. The main conclusions are that a decline inreturns from education may be a sign that a high level of education no longer provides acompetitive advantage and that being a black person is associated with substantially lowerearnings regardless of the individuals’ position in the earnings distribution. This may explainwhy, historically, comparatively fewer black Cubans have made the decision to emigrate to theUSA because of a lack of economic incentives.

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Aleida Lázara Cobas Valdés 164
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Javier Fernández-Macho (Spain) 13985
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Ana Fernández Sainz (Spain) 13996
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