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Higher education has resulted in the multiplicity of roles for women. Besides their social roles, women have to perform their household duties and rearing children, though their multiplicity of roles have placed them in a different position. To manage the situations, women have to fulfil various interactions in both family and society, they always try to improve the conditions relying their own individual and social capabilities. These interactions could continually present a new identity image for women. We seek to explain women interactional policies in their multiple and multilayered roles. We seek to reveal an image of their obvious, hidden and vague strategies in front of challenges of their private and public spheres to depict their situation in times when they are not the determiners of their conditions. The result of this study applying qualitative and theme-based procedures and interviews with 38 women in Tehran demonstrated that women in a continual process of rethinking and identity transformation experience multiple roles and are more inclined to have flexible interactions. Their permanent challenges with existing situation have positioned them to deconstruct the existing structures. Women interaction outcomes revealed that women concentrate on interactions that help them bridge their life gaps. In an attempt to introduce these interactions, the concept of “remedial interaction” was proposed to explain the way women seek harmony and balance. Therefore “the morality of care with remedial interactions” is considered as the most favorable consequence and a successful strategy in women life policies.

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Mehri Tayebinia (Iran) 13684
Scientific production

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Jabbar Rahmani (Iran) 13815
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