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The dimension of diversity varies from country to country but in India it also varies from state to state. India is one of the diverse culture countries in the world. The diversity aspects are deep rooted in the socio-cultural factors and emerging trends in demography. The diversity dimensions are focused under two major headings: socio-cultural dimensions and location pacific cultural preferences. The major socio-cultural and location pacific of diversity in Indian context are identified as Caste , language, religion and Gender , age , physical disability ,mental disability, sexual orientation and religion origin. Moreover, the demand of changing legal laws towards women empowerment, transgender, sexual orientation is identified as an emerging trend of diversity at workplace in coming years. Diversity gives rise to a series of important and divisive questions. Cultural diversity may also be seen as an important component and condition of human freedom. Unless human beings are able to step out of their culture, they remain imprisoned within it and tend to diminished it. The paper will discuss overall fundamental diversity dimensions of India, categorize them and understanding their challenges. Understand the approach – The major task is to identify specific diversity dimensions of India and understanding their organization implications in a diverse cultural set up.

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Manjushaa Gopalswamy Battle 2491
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