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Recently Lynetteholmen (in DK) was presented as not only a new neighborhood for our ever-increasing need for urban housing, but also an embankment to resist rising water levels. Paul Virilio’s warning that technology is predisposed with its own potential accident is turned inside out: The solution is attempted built into the problem. This project acknowledges the need to find such solutions, but suggests to go one step back in doing so. It simply asks, ‘what is an island’ if understood as an artistic problem of combining technology and accident, intent and force.Colonizing outer space is the focus of much research and investment currently. Large investments are made into getting there first, and making uninhabitable places livable. But we have large, unexplored potentials much closer by. Imagine that we could find sustainable ways of inhabiting the spaces of oceans, seas and harbors, making good living conditions for people. Islands of inhabitation, which produce energy, nurture civilization, culture and produce alternative forms of inhabitation.The project is an artistic symbiosis between additive and subtractive fabrication logics, between solid casts and perforated plate structures. It combines digital fabrication with material craft. The process of making and negotiation is inseparable from its form and intent.The artifact is a large island presented as a ‘sculpturemodel’ and a series of colonies of islands presented as the process of making the larger island.

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Jacob Bang 1881
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Anne Romme (Denmark) 7781
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