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The Tshirt, which was used as underwear until Marlon Brando's rebellious image on the big screen in 1951, has since become an indispensable product of outwear. T-shirts with social meanings such as indifferent, rebellious and non-formal were accepted first among the youth and then in all age groups. With the development of printing technologies, t-shirts, which are equipped with many different messages, either written or visual, have become an instrument for the messages that users want to give to their social environment. Today, individuals carry the emblems of the social groups or institutions which they feel the belongingness to on their t-shirts, wear the t-shirts bearing the logos of the expensive brands seen as a symbol of status and reflect their political or sexual preferences to their environment with various slogans. The subject has been analyzed as three main topics as branded t-shirts as status symbols, t-shirts with the slogan that directly conveys the message and t-shirts symbolizing belonging to a certain group. In this study which brings together communication sciences and fashion disciplines, academic researches from both disciplines are used as sources.

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Basak Ozkendirci 486
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