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The present work proposal aims to analyze Iberian influences, especially Portuguese, in the Brazilian political institutions. We understand that the institutions of the Portuguese colonial administration, which existed before the beginning of the colonization itself, were responsible for shaping Brazilian political practices up to the present day, transforming themselves into entrenched cultural values. To explain such factors, we adopt a theoretical framework based on the debate between traditional and modern State, based on Weber's Studies on State and Patrimonialism. We understand that one of the consequences of this historical heritage is the ongoing tension between a formally rational-legal organization and the common use of cordiality and the "Brazilian jeitinho", a Brazilian cultural pattern, as well as tolerance of practices that undermine formal institutions. We consider this practice an informal institution, per Levitsky and Helmke (2006) conceptualization.  In order to prove such elements, we adopted a historical and cultural analysis of the Iberian heritage and later analyzed institutional data collected in the 2002 Brazilian Social Survey (PESB 2002).

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Leandro Rodrigues 2249
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Martin Adamec (Brazil) 13804
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Willian Wives (Brazil) 8519
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