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The everyday life phenomenon has existed in many social, economic, cultural and artistic works together with the process of modernization. Throughout history, the definition of everyday life has changed over time. Anciently, only sovereigns have been able to imitate certain life practices. The everyday life has become meaningful together with the relations and changes of power. Through the production and change of the perceptions of power, daily life has created different definitions. By analyzing everyday life, the space-user relationship gains a different dimension. When we think society produces its own spaces, its usage patterns change with everyday life. Squatter settlements, which are called "gecekondu in Turkey" where poor and low-income families live, continue to exist in big cities like Istanbul. The relationship with space differs for each individual when considering economic, social and cultural differences. The relationship with space for people who live in the slum areas is different from other people. The different perception of power in the squatter areas allows them to establish a different relationship with the place. This is the case of being a neighborhood and also this is the specific space-public space perception. The aim of the study is to study the daily life in Çamlıtepe (Derbent) Neighborhood in Istanbul, the fact of being a neighborhood and the practices of producing their own spaces.

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