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This paper attempts to examine the events of Egyptian revolution of 2011 and consequently the removal of long-term authoritarian ruler Hosni Mubarak. It also highlights the role and efforts of the youth of Egypt to change the regime to bring democracy in the country. Moreover, this paper highlights the causes which led the Egyptians to come out of their houses to dethrone Hosni Mubarak. It is described that the continuous state of emergency, excessive and unlimited powers of law enforcement agencies, extra judicial orders of the Interior Ministry, and the success of Tunisians to dethrone long-term autocratic rule Zen-el-Abidin Bin Ali forced the Egyptians to go against the autocratic ruler and to demand for change the regime.  The excessive use of power by the governmental authorities to curb the protesters is also the part of this research. This research also throws light on the role played by the military and other law enforcement agencies during this revolution. It also explores how the social media was used during these protests and how it helped to spread the news of the events of these protests. Along with Hosni Mubarak, this paper slightly describes the earlier authoritarian rulers of Egypt. It also explores that what tactics were used by the Egyptian autocratic rulers to prolong their rules.

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Muhammad Afzal (Pakistan) 13696
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