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Although many attempts has been done in works, agreements and international conferences to solve environmental problems, the world is getting worse every day. In addition, many countries are making serious efforts. Although a lot of effort is also shown, human behavior is the basis for such environmental problems. When literature is examined, there are very few studies on this subject. The aim of this research is to measure the carbon footprint knowledge levels of pre-service teachers who study at Ahi Evran University and examine their footprints. Mixed method study will be used in the research. This research will be done with pre-service teachers at Ahi Evran University. Two scales developed by Ertekin (2012),  students drawing and semi-structured interview will be used to determine the Pre-service Science Teachers’ knowledge level and Carbon Footprints. The data is planned to be collected within one month of the 2016-2017 academic year spring semester. In this research, descriptive analysis, inferential statistics and content analysis will be used as data analysis. The results of the research will be the basis for the next studies.“This work was supported by the Ahi Evran University Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit. Project Number: EGT.A3.17.007” 

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Huseyin Ates 1629
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Ahmet Gunduz (India) 13806
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Yesim Taktat Ateş (Mexico) 13869
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