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Within the current wave of immigration to Europe, Hungary is one of the countries that proportionately has more received this population. In this context, Budapest has strengthened its borders and securitized the issue. Prime Minister Viktor Orban structures his rhetoric in construct the immigration wave as a threat to both national security and to Hungarian and European identity (with immigrants being mainly Muslims). Since Hungary has a very strong feeling of xenophobia and has the highest rate of aversion to Muslims in Europe, it is crucial to understand the role of the current Budapest government at this conjuncture (TARKI SOCIAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE, 2016, PEW RESEARCH CENTER, 2016). In this sense, the research problem is: the Hungarian nationalist-Christian rhetoric of the premier Viktor Orban, with regard to the subject of immigration, can be classified as Islamophobic? Theoretically was used the post-structuralist ideas of reality representations (Shapiro, 1988), the dichotomy "inside" and "outside" (Walker, 1993) and the affirmation of national identity by the creation of borders (CAMPBELL, 1992). Methodologically we used the contributions of the Discourse-Historical Approach of Critical Discourse Analysis, as proposed by Wodak (2001), which aims to investigate the discursive operationalization that allows the ethnic or racist discrimination of individuals. We conclude that Orban's speech contributed to the construction of a reality which acquires islamophobic traits from two axes. First, there is a constant reaffirmation of state sovereignty and of Hungarian borders as barriers separating the "internal" (safe for the Hungarians) from the "external" (dangerous via muslims immigrants). Likewise, the reconstruction of a Hungarian collective identity based on a supposed ethnic homogenization anchored in Christianity, as opposed to a Muslim identity, different and inferior to the immigrants.

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Bruno Mendelski de Souza 569
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