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The State of Uttar Pradesh is the largest Indian state with a population of approximately 230 million. The state has been struggling to improve its indicators for human development. With total budget at Rs.4Tr the fiscal space left for interventions in HDI indicators is less than 10% of the budget. Limited resources result in a range of strategic and operational challenges, further requiring efficient data management to take better decisions and to keep track of outcomes. Developing, populous nations have this common problem and requires real time data collection delivered to administrators for review of strategy for optimum outcomes. Interventions in the state of children, the grass-root functionary, must undertake large number of activities. Additionally, they maintain 42 registers and record the status and the progress there of on core indicators of nutrition, health, and status of women and children. The responsibility burdened, grass-root functionary with limited capacity faces an impossible task of caring for thousands of families, while simultaneously monitoring and compiling data. Challenges of data management also exists at the end user level. The larger issue is the emerging data from 100,000 villages, with data points in the millions, captured daily and delivered to 15 major departments of the state and dumped in the warehouse. With increasing pressure on the departments to perform, the data is now being organized for effective use for administrators and planners for interventions. These empirical studies which inherently contain realities, such as fund allocation and misappropriation, are valuable for institutions of transparency and accountability in democracy. Apart from empirical studies being most important in poverty alleviation programs in developing countries the developed countries also require serious empirical study to address a different gamut of issues such as gender discrimination, feticide, domestic violence and other law and order related issues.

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Arvind Narayan Mishra 437
Scientific production

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