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During the national movement in India, a discourse emerged about the New woman in India, who was not only superior to the European woman but also had the traditional qualities of sacrifice, and she became a metonym for the nation. After Independence the idea of this woman was also in the mind of the lawmakers as they debated the Hindu Code Bill, which was eventually passed as the Hindu Marriage act, 1956. So, the paper tries to look in the realm of cultural sphere, more speicifcally in the realm of Indian cinema, and see how Indian cinema interacted with this notion of New Indian woman. The paper argues that representations differed in popular Hindi cinema and the parallel cinema present in the forms of regional cinema. The paper compares four films from the 1960's, two from popular Hindi cinema and two from parallel cinema and argues that not only their representations differ from each other, but rather the representation in the parallel cinema questions the idea of pan-Indian woman and further paves the way for a more collaborative system.

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Anand Badola (India) 13676
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