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Punjabi pride is reflected in the confident mainstream productions that are now made with the Diaspora audience in mind. Marked by big music launches and high visibility promos, Punjabi films are increasingly targeting the Diaspora. As the previous generation was still living with the internalized mindset of that time when they had migrated from Punjab, the dilemma of the second and third generation, living in the era of post modern values, however, becomes all the more palpable as they strive to relocate their identity in their own ethnic culture once they have already naturalized the Western social ethics. This paper explores the depiction of Punjabi diaspora in major Punjabi films since the early 2000s and argues that  the Western  Punjabi  Diaspora  presently  has  arrived  at  a  very  decisive  juncture where  at  one  level  it  needs  to  negotiate with its backward feudalistic cultural values and on the other, consider/accept alien nations as their home.

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Arjinder Kaur (India) 13678
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