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This paper attempts to examine the causes of the Arab Uprisings in Middle Eastern states. It also highlights the events of the civil uprisings which led to the removal of some rulers. Moreover this paper tries to predict the consequences of these widespread protests on the region as well as on the surrounding states. It also explores how the social media was used during these protests and how it helped to spread the news of the events of these protests. It also extends that through these uprisings and civil clashes, protesters succeeded to dethrone long-term Authoritarian rulers of Tunis, Libya, and Egypt while some economic and social rights were granted to citizens of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Bahrain. Furthermore, it explores that Tunis was one of the victims of Arab Spring which succeeded to get the real fruits of the revolution while all other states could not succeeded to achieve their all desired goals.

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Dr. Abdul Mushtaq (Pakistan) 13697
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