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Green building is one of the most powerful ways to combat climate change with the concept of environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout the building life cycle from planning to demolition. Unfortunately, implementation of green building in Indonesia is still low, according to Green Building Council of  Indonesia, Indonesia only has eight buildings that have been certified as green buildings. This lack of green building caused by lack of investor confidence and the green building regulations is not maximized. Investors doubt the performance of green buildings in terms of energy efficiency and economic value is obtained. paper presents how does the green building play its role as environmental responsibility when it will be adopted by comparing the performance between green building and non-green building from the consumption of energy and its life cycle cost. Likewise, it is proposed a method for analyzing the efficiency of green building implementation using present value method with initial cost, energy cost, operating & maintenance cost, and replacement cost as a measure of its efficiency. The urgencies of this paper may could be used to enrich factual information on formulation of Government’s sustainable development policies and  as consideration for investors to develop environmentally friendly building.

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Ridho Sinaro (Indonesia) 13347
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Riska Hartanto (Indonesia) 13389
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Suwaldiman, SE.,M.Accy,Akt,CMA,CA (Indonesia) 13420
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