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The present paper attempts to probe whether matrimonial websites that offers freedom of choice of selecting partners (to both—boys and girls) by registering them on these sites do necessarily entail the idea of “freedom” especially to girls. The paper explores that whether with the usage of modern technology –internet usage—brings about changes in terms of “modernity” in Indian society. In this context it is important to raise questions a) whether marriages across castes and ethnic identities are increasing or rather choices are made within castes or ethnic group, b) do girls have choice to choose partners and marry the person they like? c) Who registers profiles for girls? d) What are the deciding factors (besides personal choices) for getting married for girls and who sets it? The present paper would like to address these questions. From the matrimonial websites the data would be obtained and interviews with the candidates and parents be conducted. The paper would present the findings in the light of questions raised.

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Prashant Bansode (India) 13371
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Prashant Bansode (India) 13371
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Namita Dsouza (India) 13425
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