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On September 2nd 2007, the ulama of Pengurus Cabang Nahdlatul Ulama (PCNU, the Islamic scholars of Jepara’s District Branch of Nahdlatul Ulama) declared a fatwa (legal opinion based on Islamic interpretations) that the construction of a nuclear power plant in Muria, Indonesia is haram (forbidden in Islamic law). The present paper examines this fatwa as a discursive analysis. Using combined a social construction of risk perspective with the politic of expertise, I investigate one of the main risk concerns of the proposed Muria nuclear power plant which is a perceived risk of the State’s nuclear inexpertise. The present paper aims to explore the concept of State’s nuclear inexpertise as an anti-nuclear group’s pre-existing knowledge. I argue that the State’s nuclear Inexpertise is the publics’ questions of the State’s expertise to propose a commercial nuclear power plant beyond nuclear research activities. The public lacked trust towards State including Indonesian Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN)’s expertise, while scientific communities recognize their capacities and capabilities. Lastly, this paper offers an alternative view of seeing the provision of nuclear power technologies and its relation to the discourse of risk from the Global South.

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Pratama Pradheksa (United Kingdom) 13369
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