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Transhumanism is a movement that aims to transcend the limitations of the natural human capacities, increasing and changing them through the use of technology that will open a field of new possibilities, not available for the human being before, towards a better and superior human condition. The convergence and development of NBIC technologies (Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology, and Cognitive Science), applied on people with human enhancement purposes, will make a radical change in the human being. And care is inherit and core to human beings, because it is the act that is present from the very first moment we are born, to keep us alive, to maintain our right functioning and well-being. Heidegger places care ontologically before any human activity or situation, giving it an existential sense, and declaring that human being is “care”. Transhumanism it’s been analyzed in scientific literature from multiple areas: ethics, ecology, social science, technology, etc. But never before from care perspective. This oral presentation intend to be a new approach to this subject: the idea that this movement can end up undermining the deepest sense of human care, and also making necessary to rethink the philosophical roots in which it is based.

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Alexandra González Aguña (Spain) 13357
Scientific production

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Helena Garcés Castellote 1589
Scientific production
Maria Lourdes Jiménez Rodríguez (Spain) 13422
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