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Throughout 2018 Senac Santos, hired by Guarujá City Hall, provided professional training courses and lectures on social awareness on communities of the city. More than one hundred classes were taken to the needy neighborhoods of the municipality of Guarujá. As a result of these actions with the community, there was a great social transformation, especially on women. Trained in vocational courses aimed at the rapid insertion in the labor market, these women were able, in a short time, to re-enter the labor market; which brought them financial autonomy, improved self-esteem and appreciation of their role in the family and in the world. Through interviews with some students, it is possible to perceive that education is a great means of social change for women with low schooling and low income. Key words: Social change, social project, professional education, female self-esteem, female autonomy.

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Aline Melo Brentegani (Brazil) 9212
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