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Within the emerging leaderships there is no doubt that distributed leadership (DL) is a relevant concept for culture of the educational sector. DL is understood as a form of shared leadership that is based on a more collective and inclusive philosophy of traditional leadership theory that focuses on the skills, traits and behaviours of the leading individuals. The objective of this communication is to determine the DL profiles of the directors of some primary schools in Madrid. Method. Descriptive study through analysis of multiple correspondences and SPAD, with the questionnaire validated ad hoc practices of distributed leadership. The exhibition comprises a total of 23 schools (16 Public schools and 7 colleges) and 13 principals and 10 directors. In the community of Madrid Capital, Spain. Results. The profiles of the leaders found are eight, product of factors 1 and 2 (formal leader, innovator, Bureaucrat, organizational poietic) and factors 2 and 3 (instructional, training, empowerment, collaborative). Discussion. The profiles in this case can generate the self-knowledge of directives strengths and weaknesses, which arise as key conditions to initiate the practice of DL. It goes towards the assertive distribution of power, from the organization of the centre, from the traditional to the bureaucratic.

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Ingrid del Valle García Carreño (Spain)
Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO) (Spain) 1749
Ingrid del Valle García Carreño (Venezuelan) is Ph.D. in Social Science at Pablo Olavide, Seville, Spain. Distributed Leadership, Organization management and, in particular, Public Principals school are the main areas of her scientific research. Actually, she is doing the Postdoctoral in Research Methodology, Socioformation and Human Development in Mexico. She has years of experience as university professor and also as executive positions. Innovative methodologies are now her motivation.
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