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According to Maloutas, Hadjiyanni, Kapella, Spyrellis, & Valassi(2014), the tension between the academic and social reproduction functions differs in different periods and within different contexts. Job opportunities, which are the outcome of economic development, are firmly bonded with Social reproduction and transformation. In another way around educational reforms influence micro & macro socioeconomic changes (Maloutas et al.,2005) For the present study, I developed a relationship between industrial situations of Pakistan with the evolution of NTU from 1950 to date. The decade-wise study is elaborated with the major factors to understand the progression of NTU. From Bourdieu’s (1998) four types of social reproduction capital (financial, cultural, human & social), I will focus on the economic & social evolution of National Textile University Pakistan (NTU) in context with the technical perspective

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Umer Hameed (Pakistan) 10542
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