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The aim of this study is to explore the effects of introducing literature circles strategy in the EFL college instruction, in the Amazon Region of Ecuador. For this purpose, three English teacher colleagues conducted an action research process; two of them incorporating literature circles in lesson plans, and one of them collaborating with data analysis. Two hundred fourteen students of English arts were the purposive sampling. Teachers formed groups of students in each classroom and provided hard copies of classic readers and free online books. Students were assigned to read one chapter per week and were asked to prepare for group discussions according to different roles. Teachers collected information systematically by using Likert scale questionnaires, interviews, observation field notes, student comments, and assessment products to analyze the impact of this strategy on students. The results showed that this was a positive experience that enhanced not only students' language abilities, but also other vital skills such as critical thinking, cooperative work, and independent-autonomous learning; even though there were a few challenges to overcome as the students’ lack of reading habits.

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Ligia Espinosa Cevallos (Ecuador)
Universidad Regional Amazónica Ikiam (IKIAM) (Ecuador) 6787
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Bertha Cortez Martínez (Ecuador) 9900
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Sandy Soto Armijos (Ecuador) 8907
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