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For thousands of years we have been around with a biological self and a psychological self. The biological self is based on genes, the psychological one is based on memes and memeplexes. Today the situation is slightly different: the many of us today have a biological self, a psychological self and a digital self and a phenomenon that characterize our times, and not only something that involves millennials, is the tendency to privilege the digital self over everything else.The digital self is so often perceived as even more relevant than the psychological self. The sense of identity and even psychological security is getting more and more digitalized: from cultural / ideological / family-based propagated and indoctrinated memes we entered the digital world of technological memes and the problem is that considering how the psychological self is in itself heavily conditioned by so many memetic factors that usually go unseen and unstudied, the digital self is actually even worse than that. Not because of the onset of social media, new technologies and AI development and its applications, but because of the dull and acritical relationship we have with such elements and with our own use of our thinking abilities; we are moving towards a society of entertainment and superficial thinking and this situation, which appears to be an actuality of our times, should show us what the urgency of implementing our thinking skills really is. Critical thinking should be combined with the understanding of memetics and the application of high order multilogical thinking skills.

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Diego Fontanive (Italy) 10140
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