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In teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) getting students to practice the language outside the classroom is seen as a challange as learners hardly ever find opportunities to be exposed to the target language away from the classroom atmosphere. Therefore, foreign language teachers are looking for innovative ways to involve the developing technology in the language teaching process in order to increase their learners' engagement and interest. One way to promote effective self-study  for the students to  enlarge their vocabulary size is web-based learning tools such as Quizlet, which is a platform that keeps students engaged and motivated by letting them create their own vocabulary sets, collaborate with other students, play Quizlet Live, and help them learn and practice new words  in a more fun and more efficient way. This quasi experimental study focuses on the effect of Quizlet on vocabulary retention. At a higher institution 75 EFL students participated in the study and 13 adjectives were used as experimental words. The sample was randomly assigned to control and two experimental groups that are Reading Group (RG), Vocabulary File Group  (VFG), and Quizlet Group (QG) respectively.Each group was given the same reading text and received direct vocabulary teaching followed by an immadiate paosttest. Four weeks later the subjects were given the same test as delayed posttest and the data was analyzed by ANOVA and Scheffe Post Hoc Tests to determine the differences between groups in terms of retention.

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Ayse Taskiran (Turkey) 10609
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