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When it comes to teaching, there are differents aspects that need to be considered. For example, methodology, planning, creativity, test designing, etc., but one of the most important ones is the evaluation. It is not just about administering exams and grading them. In this case, the researchers inquire on the evaluation that students do the teachers is crucial for several reasons. First, instructors might put their job at risk if the results of the evaluation instrument are low, which gives. Second, the teacher evaluation process is a way to improve the teaching processes, providing learners with high-quality instruction. Evaluating a teacher, however, does not mean taking revenge based on personal perceptions. Students need, therefore, to be educated on how to evaluate a teacher following aspects such as the ones mentioned at the beginning of this writing. Finally, the findings from the evaluations administered to the learners should be used to provide feedback to teachers and guide their professional development. Researchers will propose an evaluation instrument that according to data gathered in this investigation process is going to help language teachers feel they are being evaluated for feedback and quality purposes rather than personal attacks or possibilities to lose their job.

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Edson Calderón Rodríguez (Costa Rica) 9829
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Rodrigo Ignacio Campos Araya 3433
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