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Though teachers are very important for the success of online education they might not possess the required didactic competencies. The purpose of this paper is to present the basic didactic competencies that should be possessed by Polish online teachers according to the applicable Polish law and to present the results of their assessment by a group of students. The Regulation Issued by the Polish Higher Education Ministry on the requirements that must be met by Polish universities in order to offer virtual education programs was analysed, as well as, main didactic competencies that should be possessed and developed by any teacher wishing to teach online in Poland according to the Polish Association of Academic E-learning. Among this competencies we can find: definition of the rules of participation in the online programme, adapting the programme to the professor’s teaching load, building an online learning community, motivating the students in their learning process, organizing teamwork activities, and using different methods of communication. The assessment of these competences of the group of Polish online teachers was based on an online survey among 237 online students and, additionally, by observing the virtual classrooms of the subjects taught by the assessed teachers. The results of the assessment showed that didactic competence related to the norms applicable to the students’ participation in the course is the least developed by the assessed professors while didactic competence related to the development of the course according to the teaching load is the most developed. The other assessed competencies are at the middle level of development. It can be concluded that Polish online teachers have mastered the didactic competencies to varying degrees.Didactic Competencies of Polish Online Teachers from the Learner’s Viewpoint

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