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This paper is an attempt to explore a new interpretation of errors that characterize Moroccan University students’ writings and investigates the role of ICT in overcoming these. Many studies have investigated the rhetorical transfer from Arabic into English (Kaplan, 1966;Abu Rass, 2010; Cassanave, 2003). In fact, as a branch of Applied Linguistics contrastive rhetoric mainly focuses on comparing and contrasting the rhetorical protocols of a source language and a target language.In this context, studies having to do with Arabic and English (Alharbi, 2010; Khuwaile&Shoumali, 2000) have come to the conclusion that the native-protocol of English is formula-oriented, whereas the native-protocol of Arabic is content-based. Understanding the stylistic, grammatical, lexical features of the two languages will certainly help teachers predict the areas of difficulty. However, the hypothesis I will be defending here is that raising teachers’ and students’ awareness of rhetorical differences between Arabic and English is not enough to understand the problems students face while writing. My thesis is that writing as a cultural activity cannot be understood if we do not investigate the features of the two cultures. Understanding the processes of thought systems of each culture will help us explain the problems relative to punctuation and the quality and organization of ideas, respectively.

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Youcef Hdouch (Morocco) 10158
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