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Neoliberalism is a controversial issue which is based upon the assumption that the individual market is key to socio-economics and celebrates those who strive for excellence. Some economists argue that Neoliberalism encourgaes students to be autonomous, accountable, self-disciplined and self-reliant. Accountability has a close relationship with the ideologies of economic efficiency and market mechanisms. The discipline of economics is believed to have prepared a healthy ground of  neoliberalism and has been crucial for the proliferation of neoliberalism and political rationality. It is from this background this research seeks to find out if economics textbooks have neoliberlist principles. We analysed 35 recommended  undergraduate economic textbooks used by three selecteduniversities in South Africa to investigate if these textbooks have neoliberalist principles. Qualitative content analysis was used to give meaning to the data. The findings established that new liberalist principles are not foreign in economics and they encourage efficiency which is healthy for growth. The recommendations were that neoliberal principles must be contextualised to fit into the economic background  and needs of the country. It was also suggested that  neoliberalist principles are not bad when deployed appropriately. 

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Beatrice Ngulube (South Africa) 10672
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